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With advances in the industry within the past few decades, customizing your wood floor is easier, and more affordable, then ever before. You can create a one-of-kind with simple upgrades such as borders, medallions, and even hand-distressing. We work with Oshkosh Designs and Kentucky Wood Floors products. Call us at (773) 406-5670 or email us to see if we can help you.
Brands We Use
Custom Brands

 Borders are a simple flooring
 upgrade that creates a
 frame in a particular room or
 area. The possibilities are
 endless, and are not limited
 to wood only. Many borders
 now include intricate
 patterns incorporating
 multiple wood species,
 stone, granite, marble,
 brass, copper, stainless
 steel, nickel, and others

 Medallions are another
 popular upgrade option.
 Often installed in the center
 of the floor, they can
 incorporate multiple wood
 species, and other
 materials, such as stone,
 metal and leather. Factory
 finished medallions can be
 routed into existing floor
 with minimal disruption.
 Customized looks, such as
 a family crest are available
 as well.
 Hand-Distressing wood
 floors offers a unique and
 antiqued appearance that
 appeals to many. Hand-
 Scraping, which is labor
 intensive and time
 consuming, is the most
 common technique. The
 installer will work with the
 wood to achieve a worn
 and distressed look. The
 end result will be a new
 floor that looks beautifully
Parquet Patterns
 Many people think that
 parquet patterns are the
 most beautiful of all the
 floors. Patterns are made up
 of small strips of wood
 assembled together. They
 often take their names from
 famous people or places
 where they are thought to
 have originated. There are
 also geometric patterns with
 more generic names, like
 herringbone, rhombs and
 standard pattern parquet.
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