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ADC Floors, we want you to be happy with your flooring investment for a long time to come. Select your type flooring to see our guidelines on keeping your floor looking great and what to do in case something goes wrong.

Ask about Dustless Sanding
We use dust containment while sanding. Our standard service provides 60% less dust than sanding alone. For extra protection for your furnishings, ducts, and other valuables we offer Dustless Sanding for only 99¢ more per ft².

  HARDWOOD   Care & Maintenance   Repairs & Refinishing
Solid and Engineered Wood Profile   Solid & Engineered flooring are easier to
  care for than ever. Regular removal of dirt,
  dust and moisture will help prevent damage
  from everyday use.
  Shallow scratches in can be touched up
  with finish recoating. For deeper damage,
  sanding and refinishing can return the
  original luster of the floor.
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  LAMINATE   Care & Maintenance   Repairs & Refinishing
Laminate Wood Profile   Regular removal of dirt, dust and moisture
  will help prevent scratches and water
  damage. Be aware that some cleaners will
  leave a dull residue.
  Special manufacturer pencils and fillers
  can repair minor damage. Laminate floors
  cannot be refinished. Widespread or deep
  damage can only be eliminated through
  floor replacement.
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