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Laminate Wood Profile
Solid and Engineered Wood Profile
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  Several different repair options are available depending on the severity of the damage:

  Manufacturers of laminate flooring have created special pencils that you can use to "color in"
  scratches to make them less noticeable. Contact the store where you bought your flooring to
  purchase the pencils.

  Filler Sticks
  Manufacturers of laminate flooring also have developed filler sticks to cover chips and
  gouges. Contact the store where you bought your flooring to purchase filler sticks.

  For more severe damage, we recommend replacement of the entire floor. Replacement of
  individual tiles is possible but due to the difficulty, cost associated with the procedure, and
  the likelihood that the new tile may not match or lay flush we do not offer this service.

  Visit our Laminate Floors page to learn more about how we can help you install laminate

  Do you want to know more about caring for your floor? See our Care & Maintenance page
  for help protecting your investment floor.
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