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  Solid Prefinished Floors || Step 1: Measure Area  

Solid Prefinished Wood Profile
 lifespan of 80-100 years¹
 refinish every 15-25 years²
 install at or above ground
Steps to Install:
         Measure Area
         Select Type of Wood
         Estimate Calculator
         Contact Us
When you are ready to install hardwood flooring, ADC Floors will come to your location, measure, discuss flooring options and follow up within 2 business days with a written estimate. In the meantime, if you wish to get an idea of how much different flooring options might cost, you can use our Estimate Calculator.

First, you need to find out how much flooring you will need for your project. Measure the area of the space that you wish to have flooring installed. Don't forget to include closet spaces and under appliances!

In our example to the right we have two rooms that we want to install flooring. Room 1 has the dimensions of 12 feet x 8 feet or 96 square feet. Room 2 has the dimensions of 18 feet x 9 feet or 162 square feet. In total our two rooms enclose 258 square feet. Sample Room Measurement
Now you need to figure in waste. On average you will need to add 5% to your area to figure to arrive at the amount of flooring needed for the project³. For our example floorplan 5% of 258 square feet is approximately 13 square feet.

If your installation area is less than 500 square feet then we charge a flat fee for the job. Otherwise, our fee is determined by the total square footage.

Measure your installation area and move on to Step 2: Select Type of Wood.
¹Actual Lifespan will vary based on care, maintenance and traffic.
²Actual Finish Lifespan will vary based on finish product, care, maintenance and traffic.
³If you are flooring irregularly shaped areas the waste factor may increase.
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