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  Underlayment Overview  

ADCFloors, we use three types of underlayment; Natural Cork, Sika AcouBond and Silent Stride.

Natural Cork Underlayment Profile
 The most popular acoustical
 underlayment. It can be used for
 any type of wood floors, including:
  - Solid unfinished and prefinished
    over concrete
  - Solid unfinished and prefinished
    over plywood
  - Engineered over concrete
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Sika AcouBond Underlayment Profile
 A specially designed foam pad and
 elastic bond used for solid and
 engineered hardwood in new
 constructions and renovations. It is
 commonly used over infloor radiant
 heating. It is known for un-matched
 sound reductions.
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Silent Stride Underlayment Profile
 Originally created for laminate
 flooring, it is now used under some
 hardwood floors. Smooths out sub
 floor imperfections while it queits
 impact sounds and floor to ceiling
 noise. In recent tests, Silent Stride
 outperformed both cork and rubber
 in the majority of sound frequencies.
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