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  Sika AcouBond Underlayment  

Sika AcouBond Underlayment Profile
The Sika AcouBond System consists of a proprietary slotted foam mat and a unique elastic, sound dampening adhesive that forms a tight bond to wood flooring, plywood subfloors, concrete and other common subfloor materials. This system is used to bond solid and engineered hardwood in new constructions and renovations in residential, office, and industrial buildings. It is commonly used over in-floor radiant heating and on grade cement and gypsum based slabs. Field testing demonstrates un-matched sound reductions.

This product is price effective because it saves on the installation of the plywood if you live in a high rise and can be used on solid unfinished, solid prefinished, unfinished engineered floors and prefinished engineered floors. For more information email us or give us a call at (773) 406-5670.

Acoustical Ratings and Specifications:
  Independently lab tested to - IIC 59 (ASTM E492) and STC 60 (ASTM E90)
  (6 in. concrete slab, 5/8 in. suspended gypsum ceiling)
  Independently field tested to - FIIC 59 (ASTM E1007) and FSTC 59 (ASTM E336)
  (8 in. concrete slab, no suspended ceilings)
  Reduction of Impact Sound ÄLw 16 dB (NF EN ISO 717/2): Report 00A730e
  Reduction of Impact Noise DLw -3 dB (NF EN ISO 717/2): Report 00A73
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